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Episode Titles Can be a Spoiler, if They Provide Too Much Info

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Including the episode titles in the file names of an anime release and then someone accidentally viewing the title of an episode, can be a spoiler, when the title of an episode gives away that a character in the anime is going to die, or succeed in something spectacular, or is leaving the show, or is doing something else significant that you don't want to know about in advance.

So many anime series that I am collecting and planning to watch in the future, have been spoiled ahead of time in my brain, by seeing the title of an episode, that appears near the end of the series, that tells you something that I really didn't want to know ahead of time.

Maybe we should try to release anime series without episode titles when any of the episode titles within an anime series provide too much information. If the episode titles do not give away any important info, then they can be included in the anime release. What do people think?




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I don't like encoders naming episodes for reason you mention and others but its down to the encoders at the end of the day, I think there consider it part of a professional standard.

but Lucky for me I tend to forget spoilers :)




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rofl, you do know that there are a lot of shows out there that say the title before the episode begins in the video right? the title just lets you know 1 small tinny bit of info about it that makes you so curious as to why that is the title. obviously only an idiot would name a title that give a blatant spoiler away like XXX final moments... but the creators gave them all names for a reason and if you think it is too much for you than remove them and/or never look at them.



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DVD/Blu-rays, etc. provide episode titles on the case and the menus. They often include the episode title towards the start of the episode and during the next ep preview. Thus being afraid of episode titles is completely and utterly stupid as it's unavoidable that you will see the titles ahead of time, unless you somehow never look at the case, navigate the menu's blindly and skip portions of the episode. -_-

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I agree, but luckily, for the most part, episode titles are hidden because the encoder tags and the show title take up most of the viewable filename text. :D








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I for one always rename any episodes I have into "Series Titles - Episode Number - Episode Title" format, and that's how I release them, too.




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Since I rarely read such titles, it doesn't bother me. But with MS's 255 file length limit, sometimes can come across problems if they are nested in a deep directory, or like with JDownloader naming the directory with the same long file name.

Using Media Portal (or XBMC), the episode descriptions can be huge spoilers, since they are user updated. So they have options to not show the summary/description till after it's been watched. I love them becasue the thumbnails and descriptions are huge time savers in finding the exact episode wanted, especially with huge series like One Piece, Gintama, Bleach, Beelezebub, etc.




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I have never noticed this... But i can see how it can work. I just do not read anything except Season number and Episode number

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