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Xam'd Lost Memories ~ JPN vs USA

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Here is another compare of the series Xam'd Lost Memories. in some of the screen caps you can see that the japan one looks better in the banding parts of the usa version. series should of been released on 6 disc set instead of 4 in the usa. it is overall better release then the usa version.

the thumb screen are not in the right order as the compares.
Screens 1 & 2

Screens 3 & 4

Screens 5 & 6

USA | Japan
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Posted Image Posted Image

Posted Image Posted Image

Posted Image Posted Image

Posted Image Posted Image

Posted Image Posted Image

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Compares are pretty much the same aside from some extra banding in the R1 likely due to compressing the series onto less discs.
I noticed a bit of miscolorization on one scene in the R1, though it looks like it was likely caused by compressed grain artifacts.

What resolution was Xam'd animated at, because honestly it kind of feels upscaled.

I bought the R1 releases though already.

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The few I looked at appear exactly the same. Cannot be bothered to look at them all.

It is orginially 1.78:1 so not an upscale... But i cannot find and offical info on this just

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