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In search for Android apps

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Hey guys! I recently got a Samsung Galaxy S2 LTE Roger's variant and I have to say, its the best phone I have owned (well, its also the first phone I have owned lol).

Thanks to Samsung's AllShare software, I am able to push my videos off my phone to my Samsung 46c650 HDTV as well as push content from my desktop to the HDTV as well AND control playback from my phone. Pretty sick stuff.

Anyway, I have been looking for an Android app that can stream YouTube videos from my phone and push it to the HDTV AND be able to control playback. On and, the model that I have for the TV doesn't have Samsung's SMART Hub but the older version of it without a web browser. Therefore, I can't use Android apps that require you to got a website to enable YouTube playback on the HDTV and control it from my phone. Here is a bit of a list of what I have used so far:

iMediaShare won't do because you have to pay to enable HD and there is no ability for me to sign into my YouTube account. If there is, let me know.

ZappoTV works on my dad's iPhone 4S but not so well on my phone, when I try to push a YouTube video out, it tries to star the playback. HDTV sees the ZappoTV logo waiting for videos but when the app finally gets around to push the video, the HDTV goes black and reverts back digital cable and the YouTube video never gets played. It gets stuck in a loop everytime I try to do so.

PlayTo works well, but when I try to type into the text fields to look for online content or to sign in, the keyboard doesn't show. There is a paid version, but that is just to remove the ads.

The HDTV itself does have a YouTube app, but there is ability for me to sign into my account. But then again, I haven't dug deep enough to find an option if there is one. Might have to check it out once more.

Anyway, I'd like to get some suggestions for apps that I can use to enable me to push YouTube videos from my my phone and to control playback from my phone. This also needs to be done without having to use a browser (like YouTube.com/leanback for the YouTube Leanback app) on a HDTV because my HDTV doesn't have one.

EDIT: Ah nevermind. I managed to get PlayTo to work properly on my phone. I had to uninstall some other conflicting app (probably was ZappoTV or iMediaShare). After that, uninstalled PlayTo, installed it again, and it works great. Although, I am unable to control playback from my phone when the YouTube video is pushed to the HDTV, I can still used the HDTV's remote to do that for me.
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