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Any chance of picking a new file hoster?

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My question: Is there any chance of animepassion ever choosing a default file host provider?
And if so what host would you choose?


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torrent... i do not trust file hosts anymore but i will not stop others for trying them.



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Honestly as far as file hosts go, I wouldn't say any are stable. Even long time hosts such as MediaFire and Rapidshare have either been changing their regulations or being overloaded. Almost every day still another host changes their setup/specs, etc.

However at this current moment, the best host available is JumboFiles.
Though like I said that could change at any moment.

The best option is to honestly switch to xdcc bots in IRC.

There is torrents as well but torrents are not as stable or as safe as xdcc. What I mean is they rely on seeders, and in my experience private trackers and public trackers never do well on seeders for older torrents unless they have a huge base of members willing to seed (ADC, BakaBT) , etc.. which AniPas does not have. Sure AniPas has a good 10-15 members that'd probably be willing but that would not be anywhere near enough once it gets up to say 100+ torrents. Also at the same time, all it takes is a single copyright holder to join the swarm and they've got everyone's IP address they connected to, which is why 99% of people who get caught downloading copyrighted works were via torrents. Which leads to either your internet cutting you off (happened to me as well, from a torrent at BakaBT no less) or you being taken to court for charges.

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