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Hey all ^^

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I'm from the DBZ generation in the 90's, and when I started going to college I loved watching Adult Swim on Saturday nights. Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, the classics. Fooly Cooly, ha. My foray into anime on the internet started with the Index/Railgun series in 2008'ish? and Toradora! and continued from there. My favorite manga series is Rave (or Rave Master anime title) and I wished they had continued that anime to the end, caught it on the air but apparently it wasn't popular enough and got canceled halfway through the story. That's when it gets good though! I liked it better than Mashima's follow up, Fairy Tale, personally, though apparently I'm in the minority. You could really see his drawing style improve from the beginning of Rave to the end though, and by the time he made Fairy Tale I guess the production quality was higher. Anyway, Last Exile is another favorite anime series of mine. Another one that surprised me is Beast Player Erin, got way more than I expected from it. I'm surprised it's taken me so long to wander across this community honestly. I guess I'm just not the one that goes out and gets the files most of the time lol... but I'm really looking forward to browsing and I want to just give a generic thank-you to all the people who put hard work into translating this artform so us plebs can understand it. Arigato!

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