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Hello World~

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Hello, found this site with the google search that ended up with "your favorite encoder" thread, apparently since most actually keep their release list on this site, signed in and wanted to check out the suggested encoders listed~ Since I am always interested in better quality archive anime.


p.s. Secretly praying for season 3 of Tsubasa Chronicles, 10 years and counting. Also, LOTGH remake would be nice too~


p.p.s. Other than TCL, so far I can't seem to find any other Tsubasa Chronicles encoding for the backup drive, maybe I'll have better luck here~ 



    /)*(\ ^_^

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that poor poor series got bootchered so badly when they re-released it on Blu-Ray. it is still imho the worst upscale job to date... everything became boxy and jagged as if they literally made every pixel of the original take up 4 new pixels and then had HORRIBLE compression artifacts as if they upscaled the compressed DVD release. i tried at one point to do something and nothing i could think of trying would work so i gave up :/

anyway welcome, too bad this place is kinda dead...




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