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  •     Who or what brought you to AnimePassion?

Found this place via the "MyAnimeList" website mentioned in the second point below.



  •     Do you have a MyAnimeList (MAL) account? If so, please share that with us!

Nope, actually came across that website from another Google search. The indexing feature of encodes is useful, but I see no other reason to make an account on it.



  •     Any particular reason why anime is a passion of yours?

It's less that I am interested in anime as a general category, and more in terms of seeking non-interactive entertainment with interesting or more science fiction oriented subject matter. While there are a few exceptions, most television content seems to fall flat with terrible delivery of subject matter and corny "reality show" style presentation (which honestly just comes off as fake.) For some reason, (some) anime seems to combine decent story telling with compelling characters with almost Star Trek style ethical discussion (and seems to have an almost limitless amount of shows to pick from.) Books easily could fill this niche, but I am not a huge reader.



  •     What are your favorite shows? Are you also a manga reader?

I'd be considered casual by nature. In 2011, in a break from playing WoW, I pulled up "Big O" on Youtube uploads and watched the entire series in an effort to understand it better from when I was much younger (I liked the style when it first came out, but had no idea what was going on.) It left a lasting impression on me and so I asked friends (especially one in particular who is extremely knowledgeable and helpful,) and wound up watching and enjoying Gurren Lagaan, Cowboy Bebop, Yukikaze, some of Inuyasha, Darker than Black, Ghost in the Shell (first two movies, and Stand Alone Complex,) Neon Genesis Evangelion (original series, that was interesting,) and various one or two episodes of things I can't quite remember. The casual bit is that I've always been more of an English dub fan, subs can give me a headache. Although English dubs do seem to omit a certain degree of emotional nuance (and likely other references.)



  •     What do you do when you aren't indulging in anime?

Either working or looking into tech stuff. This can range from looking into frameworks for making a simplified VOIP program to replace Ventrilo/TS3/Mumble, to computers (namely criticizing Nvidia on forums for selling midrange GPU dies for flagship prices...) If WoW was not so boring, I'd likely have never found this forum.



    /)*(\ ^_^

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you should get a MAL sooner than later,its a great tool to keep up with what you watch. gurren lagaan and GITS are GREAT shows/movies.

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