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I got lost and stumbled in...:)

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Who or what brought you to AnimePassion?

I click on a release group home page link in anidb looking for a Mahoromatic torrent.


Do you have a MyAnimeList (MAL) account? If so, please share that with us!

Not yet, but I'm seriously thinking about making one.


Any particular reason why anime is a passion of yours?

I watched G-force, Starblazers and Robotech as a kid. In 1987 at an RPG club meeting a guy lent me a VHS tape with Project A-ko, Vampire Hunter D and The Fantastic Adventures of Yoku Leda. In Japanese with no subs. After seeing Project A-ko I was hooked. Didn't matter to me I could barely understand the plot. I was even a member of the CFO. Black Magic M-66.... Still gives me the willies...


What are your favorite shows?

Truth is I'll watch almost anything except the boy on boy love stuff and the stuff meant for little tiny kids. Magic girl stuff for some reason doesn't excite me much. I love Mecha shows the most. I prefer the more realistic ones. Gundam, Macross, Aldnoah.Zero,  Break Blade, AD Police, Bubblegum Crisis. I watch ecchi/harem stuff too. High School DxD, Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou, Sekirei.


Are you also a manga reader?

Not really. Although I just watched Sekirei recently and apparently I'll never find out how it ends if I don't read the Manga. *shakes fist* I want season 3.


What do you do when you aren't indulging in anime?

I used to have an unhealthy MMO habit but I kicked that. ATM I'm writing a book. Otherwise I'm just a computer/scifi geek.


I'm a HUGE fan of x265. I really wish everyone would wake up and realize it's way better. Bigger is not always better.



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Sucks about Sekirei. I really enjoyed it. Even though it had the whole 'gotta catch em all' Pokemon-type vibe going on; only women/girls instead of little animals.


"I'm a HUGE fan of x265. I really wish everyone would wake up and realize it's way better. Bigger is not always better."


We'll have to disagree on this; because ALL studies have shown x265 to wipe away detail still at this point. Apparently this is part of it's design to help with 'more' compression. It can be avoided to a certain degree but relies on some pretty extreme settings that slow encodes to a crawl and still not up to par with the x264 equivalent in detail retention. Sorry but I'm not going to spend 10 days encoding a single episode in x265 that has less detail than an encode that took 4 hours to encode with x264.


We live in an era where hard drives are big yet cheap. A 4TB drive is like $90-$130 depending on the brand and model. Worrying about saving 100MB is silly. And yes, most of the time the difference in size is fairly negligible. The encodes you see with HUGE size differences will almost always be those encoded with fairly default settings that wiped away most of the detail. You should still expect x265 to give out 1GB 1080p episodes for anything of decent quality. 


People haven't universally jumped to x265 yet because it has been clearly shown to not be better. We made the jump to 10-bit way back in 2012 because it was an upgrade. We'll make the switch to x265 when it finally gets to that point. Which it will eventually, but it hasn't quite reached that stage yet. They've still gotta figure out how to speed it up once they solve the other issues.


Anyways welcome to AniPas, where it seems I'm one of the other people who still responds to the few new member we get every few months.

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x265 is only better at the lower streaming lvl of bit rates, hence why i still like to use x264 for higher quality encodes. but if you have any questions feel free to ask.

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