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avs4x264mod.exe keeps crashing in MeGUI

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So im trying to re-encode something but avs4x264mod keeps crashing. According to windows its an appcrash. I've tried replacing it, i've tried replacing x264, and i've tried updating everything. I cant figure out what the problem is. One thingI noticed is that the amount of memory it uses gradually increases then it suddenly spikes to over 3 million (When it crashes its at over 3 million according to task manager). Anyone got any idea what the problem could be?

Heres the error thingy that pop up when it crashes:

Heres the memory usage on task manager:

It was working fine i few days ago, but when i try it now it just craps out...

I tried re-encoding a different file and it worked. IDK why its crapping out on certain files. I think it might have to do with the subs. The subtitles in the working files where ~100kb a piece (.ass). The subtitles in the files that keep crashing are over 500kb a piece (.ass and no idea why they are so huge). What im trying to re-encode is FFF's Accel world 1080p that uses UTW subs. Episodes 1-13 worked fine, but 14-24 keep crashing avs4x264mod

I took the textsub action from the avisynth script and it worked. So now i know its the subs themselves. I wanna stick with UTW, but idk if it'll work. Im gonna try downloading UTW's HDTV release and try using the subs that come with them. Hopefully it syncs fine...

I solved it. I checked the subtitle file in aegisub and found the problem...for some reason the show's title track was split into increments of like .002 seconds. The title didn't even appear on screen for 3 seconds, but UTW made over over 1200 lines just for the tititle (No idea why). I merged all them together and the file size was cut in half (all the OP & ED subs are split into increments as well, but only like a dozen per line instead)... Point is its working fine now :D

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that program is restricted to 4GB of memory. once it goes over that it will crash.



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Read MeGUI> There's your problem. Stop using it and things will run fine~

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