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Anime Streaming

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lol a animefan I was the same all my drives were. basicly empty till I found this site (all thanks to cman) and now I have 4tb of anime mostly from this site but bits from torrents

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Been a long time user of Crunchyroll and a subscriber. Actually it was an awesome site before they went legit. Ironically, it used to host many fansubs that users uploaded themselves, including some old series that weren't found on Boxtorrents at the time. A YouTube for Anime. Even subbing some shows themselves without licensing..though poorly. It was a quick way to sample what was out there. They had their share of removing series due to copyright notices. But it all changed quickly once they started to acquire licenses and became a premium service.

I use it to sample ongoing shows to see what's worth following. If a series doesn't have a good fansub group, I usually just watch it from there and wait for the Bluray release to download.

Recently they started streaming in 1080p. Oh, I know, it's got to be an upscale, right? Well, comparing it with their 720p stream, it actually does have more detail. To be exact, the backgrounds and stills are in higher detail, but the drawn animated part looks the same. CR didn't upscale the stream, they are just releasing the stream as is that they received from Japan. I'm not saying it's better than a fansub 720p HDTV release, because their streaming bitrate leaves much to be desired (horrible banding). But it is pretty good for a stream.

Only other site I've stream for anime is Funimation. Just for my One Piece fix. But stopped because the commercials are damn annoying. Plus the release from speedsubbers are only minutes away.

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