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Community Rules and Guidelines

Global Forum Rules
These rules are effective immediately and shall be strictly enforced. The AnimePassion staff reserves the right to make modifications as necessary at any time without previous notice. Note that some forums have their own, special rules - they serve to supplement these global rules, not replace them.

  • No spam outside of the spam central forum.
    This rule should be pretty self-explanatory. Do not post solicitous messages of any kind, and stay on topic. Offenders will not be tolerated. Furthermore, do not post simply to raise your post count.
  • Do not post "offensive" content of any kind.
    Please refrain from posting objectionable content. Such content includes (but is not limited to) porn or hentai; racial, sexist, or otherwise discriminatory material; and hateful, obscene, or vulgar material.
  • Do not post the same topic in multiple sections in hopes of receiving more or faster responses.
    Please refrain from asking the same question in multiple forums; there is typically one location that best fits what you are looking for. If you are unsure as to where the appropriate location is, ask a moderator first.
  • Remain respectful to other users, moderators, and administrators at all times.
    Do your best to remain calm and courteous in your posts. You can, of course, have differences of opinions with other members, but refrain from attacking, degrading, or disparaging them or the community as a whole. While debating and heated discussions are fine, flaming and excessive profanity will not be tolerated.
  • Search the forums before you ask a question.
    If you are having trouble with something or you simply have a question, be sure to check around the forums before posting - someone may have already created a relevant thread. There is no need to reinvent the wheel.
  • Please refrain from using languages other than English.
    AnimePassion's official language is English. To promote better understanding and communication between members of this community, we ask that no other languages be used, unless necessary. We do not, of course, require members to have a masterful understanding of English, seeing as we have users from a multitude of countries; simply try to explain yourself as best you can.
  • Do not repeatedly bump your threads in an attempt to gain more attention.
    Please keep in mind that other users may not necessarily be in your time zone; your threads will be responded to as time permits. Any repetitive bumping will be punished.
  • Do not hotlink images from other sites.
    Hotlinking images from a different site (that is, simply copying the image URL and pasting it here) effectively steals bandwidth from their site, as their server has to process each and every request to load the image here. Please upload the image to an image-hosting service (like imageshack, for instance) prior to posting it here.
  • Do not post in excessively old threads (i.e. "necroing").
    Please refrain from bumping or 'necroing' threads after three months of inactivity have elapsed. Extreme attempts to raise your post count in this manner will be dealt with severely. This rule does not apply to the Downloads section.
Thank you for your cooperation.